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Uncle Dan. Story : spanking and diapers amanda spanked


Posted by admin | Posted in | Posted on 14/02/2011

I pulled her across my lap and pulled down her panties and began spanking her small bottom before her smart mouth could utter a protest.” Uncle Roy looked

I would even sit so that it rode up and uncle could see my panties. that I rushed to get my nightie on and raced back to uncle, jumping onto his lap.

13 Nov 2010 My Uncle lifted my little cousin skirt and other underwear thing (a slip) then set her over her lap in the recliner.

Lifting me gently my Uncle pulled me up his lap till I was laid face up lift the hem of my skirt and knew that Uncle Ted was able to see by panties now.

- 2010 - Fiction - 82 pagesI pulled on my panties and ran to him. The same as when I was a little girl, If I wiggled just a little I could get myself off on uncle Ed's lap.

Susie tried to bolt from Amanda's lap but her cousin held her firmly in place and At that, Susie broke out in loud protests until Uncle Jack sternly rebuked her She was also embarrassed at the way her rhumba panties peeked out

20 Mar 2008 I would reach under my skirt and pull my panties down around my knees. "Now, lay across my lap" Uncle Wayne instructed me.

full that I had to sit in his lap. I was wearing a short skirt that did not reach my knees and soft white panties inside. My mom was in the other

1 Feb 2009 I'm a man of 40 years old and I have this beautiful 16-year-old niece, Leeza, who since the age of 6 has been sitting on Uncle Ron's lap

6 Oct 1999 Why are her navy blue panties around her knees? Sandi's hopes flickered slightly until she heard her uncle's next pronouncement. shuffled to her uncle's right side, and laid herself across his lap.

19 Feb 2010 chief complaint, which was: “Uncle Pee Wee took my panties off...Pee Wee has Howard on his lap and that he took her pants off.

19 Feb 2010 chief complaint, which was: “Uncle Pee Wee took my panties off...Pee Wee has Howard on his lap and that he took her pants off.

She laughed initially at the idea of going over her mother-in-law's lap Upon being caught breaking her uncle Henry's rules Sherry gets her first Ordered to the barn her jeans and panties are quickly pooled around her ankles.

I will ask you to lower your panties. You will lower them to your knees. I looked instinctively at my uncle's lap. There was a wet spot there,

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15 Mar 2010 Overall, Uncle Ed's Lap kept me engaged…it's exceptional He tossed them as he pulled at my panties and the shorts landed on the desk.

She lay face down on her bed, panties still down, still crying (although not as hard Both girls made a few more trips over Uncle Roy's lap after that.

Uncle Jack then took the tearful child over his lap where he removed her plastic pants and unpinned her diapers. Folding them down in back and putting the

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